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Hotel with gourmet cuisine in Val Gardena

Enjoy the combination of Italian and traditional South Tyrolean cuisine and experience delightful gourmet holidays at Hotel Alpenheim - Charming Hotel & SPA.

South Tyrol is a small country. But South Tyrol is a country of true culinary delights. Over the years, strange things have happened to the cuisine of this northern region just beyond the Brennero/Brenner pass, where Italy begins but Tyrol is not finished yet. Here, two distinct culinary styles have come together: On the one hand the light tradition of Italy with pasta, fish, polenta and gnocchi, on the other the more substantial Tyrolean style with “Knödel” (some sort of dumplings), “Krapfen” (sweat pastry filled with various types of jam), soups and “Speck” (smoked ham). Obviously, “Knödel” and spaghetti are not served together, but the two have managed to coexist in impressive harmony. Today's South Tyrolean cuisine delights the palate with dishes that are both honest and traditional, yet have been enhanced by the playful influence of the south. What was once the food of the poor has been elevated to noble pleasures. We are proud to serve this unique cuisine.

Val Gardena